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There are so many women's diets to think about. First is the very popular Colon Cleansing Diet then we have the famous diets you see on television such as the South Beach Diet, Weightwatchers, and Nutrisystem, the Medifast Diet Plan, the Zone diet, Beach Body Power 90, Body for Life, Jenny Craig, Slim Fast, the Hollywood diet, the cabbage soup diet, the Diabetic Diet, and the Pregnancy Without Pounds plan, etc. It seems like there are new womens diets, diet pills and weight loss programs being advertised every day.

What are the missing clues to the women's diets mystery?

In the late 19th century, ninety-seven-percent of adults weighed the right amount for their body size. Only three-percent of the adult population was overweight. No one gave a second thought to women's diets.

Today it is estimated that sixty percent of the adult population is overweight or obese. Also, the number of overweight children has doubled and tripled in recent years. What has happened?

Why is it so easy to gain weight these days? What changed? Did people change? Did our willpower change? Did women's diets change?

Actually, it's our food and lifestyle that has changed. The food is completely different now than it was then. The food in women's diets actually has far less nutritional value and is more fattening.

Many foods today also have an added ingredient to make our brains think that the food tastes extra good, so we keep eating more and more. This ingredient goes by many names, MSG, monosodium glutamate, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, yeast extract, autolyzed yeast, flavor enhancer, etc. This stuff is in everything and it could almost be called a cravings-creating brain stimulant. It makes foods seem to taste so good that you just keep eating and eating.

The shocking truth is that food today has far less nutrition and it also has various added substances that are not very healthy. Soils have become depleted of minerals, and food is far more processed, which strips away even more nutrition. So the meals you eat are not as full of vitamins or minerals as foods were just a few years ago. Added to that, the foods have added fats and preservatives and binder ingredients.

Your body craves this missing whole-food nutrition, so you feel hungry more of the time. One answer is to take a high quality multi-vitamin supplement, and an omega 3 fish oil supplement (see review below). These will give your body more of the nutrients and healthy fats it needs, so it does not suffer so many cravings. The products that we take and recommend to everyone are detailed at the end of this page.

You also want to check food package labels and avoid MSG and yeast extracts. These stimulate your brain to eat more. It is hard enough to exercise willpower without having to fight off a sneaky chemical additive that makes foods seem to taste irresistible.

Our modern lifestyle is also less active and more sedentary. We sit all day. We sit in cars and sit at desks and sit in front of the television. We need to do more walking around. Walking outside in the air and sunshine is best. However walking indoors on a treadmill is still better than sitting on the couch.

This is good news and bad news.

It is good news because it means we are not all a bunch of out of control munching machines with no willpower. So don't blame yourself too much. No need to call the travel agent and book a heavy guilt trip. There are extenuating circumstances.

Weight gain happens to the best of us these days. If you are trying to lose a few pounds, or simply maintain your figure, you have lots of company. That is why women's diets are such an obsession.

The bad news is, the food isn't going to get better anytime soon. The challenge to feed a vast population has changed food production methods. You really want to take a daily multi-vitamin and mineral supplement to help make up for the lost nutrients in these empty foods. If you are experiencing "cravings" all the time it might be that your body is craving missing nutrients. A high quality nutritional supplement could be very helpful here.

Many women have had success losing weight simply by enjoying a daily protein smoothie shake.

These days protein smoothies come in a variety of yummy flavors and you'll think you are enjoying a real milk shake.

Beware of restaurants. Their company profits are higher on larger portions. Meals and portions and plates all keep getting bigger and bigger, it is not your imagination. And their advertising is designed to make you feel hungry.

In addition, your job is not going to suddenly include all kinds of refreshing exercise. If you were stuck sitting in one place all day today, you will no doubt be there again tomorrow too. Busy lifestyles may not leave much time for long walks or hours at the gym.

So what do we do?

Women's diets contain less nutritious and more fattening foods these days. To get in top shape we have to change our basic eating habits.

Women's modern lives also involve less physical exercise, we must find more ways to be more active and fit exercise into our day. Going for a walk is a good start.

There are many small changes that can be made to womens diets that will cut down on "hidden" calories and help you avoid foods that can sneak the extra pounds on you without you even realizing it.

Here are some steps you can start taking right now.

Step One:

Start taking a high quality, food based vitamin and mineral complex. Almost all diet books recommend this, including the Atkins diet, etc. Yet many people take some cheap synthetic supplement from the grocery store, or skip this important step completely, and wonder why these diets don't work for them.

The supplementation of needed nutrients may help reduce cravings and also make you feel more energetic. This one simple thing can help you begin to eat less and to exercise more. Those are the goals.

Maybe one of the reasons you might feel like you are craving food is because you are craving the missing nutrients. Women's diets are made up of many empty foods these days and empty foods simply do not satisfy.

A high quality womens health supplement and a glass of water along with your meals can go a long way in helping your body to feel full, satisfied, healthy and happy. This will make any of the womens diets easier to follow and get more successful results.

Step Two:

The next secret is to stop gaining more weight. It may sound obvious but this step alone is a real challenge.

In typical womens diets, just an extra 100 calories every day can put ten added pounds on our bodies per year. In five years we can wake up with an extra fifty extra pounds to carry around and wonder what the heck happened to us. It just sneaks up on us day by day.

One hundred calories is not much. You can get it in one handful of potato chips or French fries or shredded cheese. Before trying to lose weight, we need to first just try to stop gaining any more. Level off and hold on. Maintain our current weight. Make this our first goal challenge to achieve. It isn't easy, but first steps are usually the hardest and then the next steps follow with less difficulty.

How do we do it?

We need to stop the sneak-up-on-us daily weight gain. One good to do this is to keep a food journal. A written record? Yes it is a challenge. We won't kid you. You'll have to be tough and determined. Nobody has to see this journal but you. It is your own personal private record of what you eat, every single thing.

Write down every bite. Be a detective. Have no mercy. You'll be shocked. It is worse than a budget where you write down every penny you spend. You'll be aghast. It isn't pretty. Especially when you find out what is lurking in innocent looking foods in women's diets today.

So many people may say, "But all I had was a muffin and a coffee." Yes but some muffins have 1000 calories and some fancy coffee lattes have many hundreds more. The most fattening Starbuck's Frappuccino drink ever actually had 870 calories and 32 grams of fat. They don't make that one any longer, much to the relief of womens diets.

The nonprofit Center for Science in the Public Interest says that having one of those coffee milkshakes was like drinking two McDonald's Quarter Pounder sandwiches.

Add a 450 calorie scone or muffin and that shake together and this one "little snack" could equal 1,320 calories for breakfast and quickly use up most of your calorie needs for the whole day. Yet it has very little quality food value. So you may feel hungry, tired and irritable. And you paid good money for that.

Super-sized muffins, deep fried scones (scones are similar to donuts) and fat-filled coffee drinks have no doubt sabotaged many women's diets.

A conspiracy?

It seems like a conspiracy. Don't worry. We are on your side. And you have lots of company. Over half of the population needs to lose some weight. The difference is that you are now doing something positive about it. Making up your mind and getting started on any of the women's diets is half the battle. Congratulate yourself. Nice work! Welcome to the team.

If you are in the latte crowd, learn the lighter fare to order by studying up on the menu at the coffee shops you go to.

Starbuck's offers many low calorie choices along with the higher calorie indulgences. Just say "I'll have a coffee of the day." Or simply order your latte with nonfat milk.

You can still be part of the social scene but you secretly know that your beverage has very few calories and fat grams, while the others have hundreds and hundreds of empty calories and dozens of fat grams. While everyone chats about women's diets, you are secretly following one of your own.

Just a few minor adjustments in day-to-day women's diets can either add pounds or take off pounds every month.

Some people may question or criticize you for having plain coffee or a nonfat latte. Just smile and tell them you simply love the flavor and want to taste it the way they brewed it, not with syrups and chocolate milk and whipped cream added. Hey you are a purist, a true coffee lover. Everyone has their preference. So what? Change the subject. Ask them about their day. They will quickly forget you and talk about themselves non-stop.

The next challenge is to skip the high calorie muffin or deep fried scone. A survey by USA Today found that over half of the people who buy a cup of coffee also buy a pastry, bagel or breakfast sandwich to go with it. Do you feel the peer pressure like we do? If anyone bothers you just say "Oh I had a protein smoothie already this morning. It really filled me up, but you go ahead." Or have a low calorie biscotti instead. It is a treat with fewer calories, several hundred less calories than scones or muffins. Don't criticize other women's diets and eating habits. Just do your own thing and set a good example.


Fast food may have sunk more women's diets than anything else. If you go out to a fast food burger restaurant, get whatever meal is made with grilled chicken breast. Most places offer a chicken sandwich, chicken soft taco or chicken salad. And have a glass of water with it.

If people urge you to get a fatty cheeseburger with bacon and mayonnaise, say you are "so bored with burgers and fries" and are in the mood for a chicken sandwich today. That ground beef has been giving you a tummy ache lately. You are enjoying that chicken. They should try it too. Change the subject.

You'll be amazed at how other people use peer pressure to try to get you to eat the wrong foods, saying things like, "Help me eat these fries." Misery loves company. Some people will be secretly jealous of your willpower and healthy eating habits. They may subconsciously try to sabotage your diet. (Thanks a lot.)

The little things add up.

Once we level off at our current weight and stop gaining any more, this very important victory leads us to the next step of successful womens diets and weight loss.

Step Three:

The next weight loss secret is to lose one or two pounds and keep it off. If we can do this successfully, and then repeat it once a month, we will lose twelve to twenty four pounds and keep it off. Take it one small one or two pound weight loss step at a time.

We didn't gain this weight over night and no magical women's diet can take it back off over night either. There are no "miracle" women's diets. Yet if we lose just one pound a week we will lose fifty pounds in one year!

The Emotional Game

You are still the same wonderful person you always were! Don't beat yourself up or feel guilty.

If you were born in the late 19th century you would no doubt be one of the 97% of the population who were textbook examples of body weight proportions. You'd have healthy food and a physically demanding daily routine full of exercise.

It is just your luck to live in the time in history when 60% of the population is overweight due to "empty" foods and "sit still" jobs and leisure activities. It's not fair, but it is reality.

The timing couldn't be worse either. In the past, people admired natural, rounded figures. The great painter Ruben immortalized these curvy beauties.

Nowadays society has gone though a phase where the "starved" look is in. If the legendary beauty Marilyn Monroe were in Hollywood today she would be sent home to go on a diet and flatten out her famous hourglass figure.

Thankfully, some women with real-life figures, like curvy Jennifer Lopez, are changing the style back to where real women with normal figures are appreciated again.

Tips for losing a pound a week:

When eating at home, use a smaller plate. It looks like you have a lot of food and it tricks your brain into thinking you have more than enough to eat.

Eat fewer refined pastas and breads and add more lean meats, fruits and vegetables. Eat like they did in the Stone Age. Meat, vegetables and fruits. They didn't have white bread, sugary breakfast cereals, soda pop and potato chips in women's diets back then.

After a meal, put leftovers away immediately so you don't snack on them later. Stay out of the kitchen. Don't go there.

You can also help your body to feel satisfied by taking a top quality pure fish oil supplement. These "good fats" help your body feel satisfied and not crave bad fats. Try this and you may be amazed.

Top Recommendation:

You may also find that a natural energy product can help suppress your appetite and help you have more energy to walk and exercise. We have used this stuff ourselves and found it to be so good it is difficult to explain it without sounding like a television commercial. Just try it and see if you are not pleasantly surprised like we were.

Eating out:

Eating at restaurants is a real challenge to women's diets. Many meals are over 2000 calories of high fat, low vitamin foods. Everything is super-sized to make maximum money per customer. Don't let their greed ruin your health.

When eating out, split something. It's fun to share. Always try to order a meal that includes vegetables. Make a game of finding the very few healthy items on the menu. Never, ever go to a buffet.

Take your time. Eat slowly. Drink sips of water between bites. Set down your fork during the meal to talk and enjoy the conversation. Give your stomach 15 minutes or more to realize it is full and send a signal to the brain.

You never eat dessert. "Oh thanks so much, but I'm all full. That meal was wonderful." A news report noted that desert sales are way down at restaurants these days. You are not the only one who "quit eating dessert."

Step Four:

This weight loss secret is to maintain your weight by staying on a healthy diet all the time. Be aware of how the weight can sneak back when you are busy with life.

Watch out for those refined carbohydrates. They are everywhere. Women's diets are overloaded with empty carbs. When you continue to keep track of every bite you eat you will be amazed. Try to fill up on lean meats, broth based soups, fruits and vegetables.

Drink water and green tea. No soda. No alcohol. If everyone is having a drink, order sparkling water with a twist of lemon.

Get that meal logbook started today. Try it for just one day or one week. You are on your way to better health. Congratulations on your commitment.

If you can't keep the weight off you may want to drink green tea or try supplements that contain green tea extract. As the Nebraska Medical Center reported, "another study found that a green tea extract reduced body fat in mice, possibly by inhibiting the absorption of fats and starches." Green tea extract is one of the many helpful herbs included in the women's supplement named Total Balance. This stuff is a modern marvel of nutritional support.

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