Colourful fruits and health

Your dietary magic!
* The rainbow on your plate to be savored.
* Daily consume varieties of rich fresh fruits!
* A variety of phyto-chemicals, minerals, and vitamins are provided by colorful vegetables and fruits
* Unique of macro and micro nutrients combinations in fruits helps fight various diseases.

Red and orange:
Litchi, orange, raspberries, plums, pomegranate, passion fruit, apple, bael fruit, strawberries, loquat, water melon, cherries, tomatoes, tangerine(kinow), zizyphus(ber), papaya

Peaches, Mango, jackfruit ripe, sweet lime, figs, lemon, apricots, musk melon, wood apple, pineapple.

Star fruit, grapes, kiwi fruit, pears, gooseberry, guava.

Black currants, purple grapes, plums, jamoon, phalsa.

Dates, sapota (chikoo).

Water-chestnut, custard apple, banana.

No food item can replace fruits, because of the magic it creates with its unique macro and micro nutrients combination, with various anti-oxidants, and yet to discover ingredients. Regularly consuming fruits reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure, cancer, stroke (paralysis), disease of the coronary artery, diabetes along with many more chronic diseases, besides improving the immune system, delaying ageing and preventing acute diseases. Fruits are capable of helping blood pressure patients reduce their problems.

Daily consumption of at least 200 to 300 grams of fruits (with at least 250 grams of vegetables) is recommended for all age groups. It is preferable to include such fruits that are cheap, easily available and seasonal, such as cheap, locally available, seasonal berries that are extremely beneficial. Try opting for more citrus fruits.

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