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Working at home offers a lot of advantages as compared to the traditional 40-hour a week job. By being able to work at home, you'll never have to leave the house, spend money for gas or transportation, pay for lunch or snacks outside, or torment yourself by getting stuck on traffic each day. With a home-based job, you'll never have to regularly deal with your boss again, because you'll only have to deal with yourself and no one else. Here are a few of the lucrative part time work from home ideas today.

Home-Based Tutoring Service

In conventional terms, a tutor helps his or her students understand their school lessons, a swell as gain additional knowledge. The key ingredient to succeeding as an online tutor is to know more about the subject than your students. To start working as a home-based online tutor, you can begin volunteering your tutorial services to others in your primary subjects.

Once you've gained the confidence and additional resources, you can begin asking for referrals from teachers and other students, and advertise your services on the Web's free advertising sites, as well as advertise on your blog or Website. Online tutorial services can earn you as much as $25 to $50 per hour. You may also choose to offer packages such as on-call tutoring for a flat rate.

Freelance Article Writing

In these fast-paced techie times, more and more online companies and Web site owners are constantly on the lookout for content writers. A freelance article or content writer may write articles for online magazines, trade publications, e-zines, newsletters, technical manuals, as well as write advertising copy for brochures.

If you're working as a computer programmer or Web designer, you may wish to write about Web designing and programming-related articles, or write product descriptions. Some writing projects pay you per piece, or pay you by the hour. Some pay as much as $20 to $75 per article, depending on your writing and marketing skills. Some writing projects also pay you by the number of words, or offer a percentage of the selling price if you're writing an e-book. There are also Web sites who are looking for writers to write on screenplays, poetry, novels, training manuals and more.

Be An Online Auction Seller

Online auctions are great places for people to make money. Participating, and earning from online auctions like eBay, can also be relatively easy, especially if you know how it's done properly. To succeed in an online auction, do a little planning, and take nice photos of the products you're selling.

Also try to sell what you like and enjoy. Do some research on the popular items sold in Web auctions today, by checking on closed auctions on Yahoo or eBay, and keep notes on the product's ending value and condition. Remember this: Whenever a new item shows up on an auction site, it's price is likely to go up, because no one has ever seen it before. However, if the same item crops up every day, its value will generally go down. It would therefore be helpful if you do your research first, before you sell your items on an online auction site.

The money-making options are just aplenty these days, thanks to the Internet. With so many work at home job options to choose from, more people are preferring to stay at home, and doe their work, and steer clear from joining the daily grind, and the prying eyes of their boss. To learn more about working from home, read the Profit Lance review and other articles

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