How to talk with girls

If you are shy and want to learn how to talk to girls, you found the perfect place. Not only will I reveal a secret that will change your life, I will offer you 3 fool proof steps that will have you talking to women in no time at all. Talking to women is a game of knowing yourself and knowing what they expect from you. Here are a few steps to go through when approaching women.

Step 1. Be Graceful - Don't Be Intimidated

Being graceful when talking to women is a big part of the plan. Girls know when you are not graceful or smooth because it is reflected through your body language. Take a few deep breaths and be confident in yourself, know who you are, what you want, and how you are going to get it. If you want to talk to girls and want girls to want to talk to you, you can never be intimidated. Having an outgoing personality where you embrace that possibility of rejection is key. You are not going to land every date, so do not get discouraged and give up!

Step 2. Simply Introduce Yourself - Girls Like Small Talk

The approach is not the hard part, anyone can walk up to a girl and say hi. Holding a conversation is going to be the icing on the cake. You do not want to start your conversation with an attempt at humor or a compliment, because those could easily backfire. you never know what some women find funny and what may insult certain women. Introducing yourself and maybe asking if she comes to where you are often is your best best. See where the conversation goes from there. Girls like something subtle at first, to become comfortable, if they are more of the aggressive type, you will notice that and adjust accordingly.

Step 3. Exchanging Numbers

Now, if you did well, kept your composure, and the conversation went smoothly, she may be up for another meeting. Politely ask her if she would like to meet up sometime or if you could take her out because you had a great time talking with her. Women enjoy knowing they were of good company, especially if they feel the same way!

Step 4. Calling

Wait a few days before calling, you do not want her to feel creeped out. Talking to women is about patience, you need to know when the perfect time is. If you want to talk to her and let her know what a great time you had or how nice it was speaking with her, simply send a text message, if you must.

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